AFSCME Local 2887
AFSCME Local 2887

Pension Emergency Action Plan Announced

From AFSCME Council 31:

Politicians are expected to return to Springfield on Tuesday, December 3, to vote on a new pension bill that will likely be as damaging to public employees and retirees as any yet proposed.

This is it – the biggest legislative threat to our retirement security that we’ve faced.

Our response has to be just as big. This is a real emergency situation. AFSCME Council 31 and our union partners in the We Are One Illinois coalition are calling for a series of Pension Emergency Action Days beginning on Monday, November 25th.
  • Pension Emergency Call-In Days – November 25-26, Dec. 2-3: We’ve got to completely swamp the switchboards of every legislator on these four days. No matter how many times you’ve called your legislators, call again. Call both your representative and your senator. Be sure to leave a strong, clear message: “VOTE NO ON ANY PENSION BILL THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE SUPPORT OF THE WE ARE ONE UNION COALITION.”
  • Pension Emergency Legislative District Actions – Monday, December 2: We’ll be targeting the district offices of key “persuadable” legislators all across the state for a vigorous grassroots lobbying effort with as many union members and retirees as possible in attendance. Your local union will be reaching out to you to participate in the action if there is one scheduled in your area. When the call goes out, make sure you respond so that we can make sure legislators know just how strongly we oppose drastic cuts to our pension benefits.
The new bill will likely have the backing of all four legislative leaders. It will blend unfair, unconstitutional elements from old, failed bills – such as cutting COLAs by one-third or more, hiking retirement ages, undermining pensions by expanding 401(k)’s, and other devastating pension cuts. With the legislative leaders behind this scheme, it will take everything we’ve got to stop it. So be prepared to give it your all.

It’s also likely that the leaders will unveil their scheme quickly and try to jam it through the House and the Senate without enough time for open hearings or public review.

Click here to e-mail your lawmakers right now and tell them you oppose the leaders’ extreme pension scheme. It’s fast and easy and you can personalize your message. 

Then get ready to call your state representative and your state senator on next week’s Emergency Call-In Days – November 25 and 26.

The threat to retirement security has never been greater – or more outrageous. But, together, we have defied the odds before and defeated harmful pension legislation. To be successful again, your lawmakers must hear from you – repeatedly – as a constituent and as a voter.

Dana Dain November SIUE Employee of the Month

Dana Dain, Office Support Specialist in the School of Pharmacy and AFSCME Local 2887 President, is the recipient of the November Employee Recognition Award.  She was nominated by School of Pharmacy Dean Gireesh Gupchup.

Dana has been working in the School of Pharmacy for more than two years. While working in the Department of Pharmacy Practice she was praised by her department chair and the entire faculty for being very creative and improving the effectiveness in the department. Currently in the Office of Professional and Student Affairs (OPSA) in the School of Pharmacy, Dana serves as a key communicator with students. Dana often goes beyond the call of duty. Dana has been very supportive of all the office support staff. Dana has worked with my office to create an informal “staff council” that meets every semester. This “staff council” communicates with the administration and has been instrumental in including staff on School of Pharmacy standing committee; thereby including staff in the shared governance of the school.
~Gireesh Gupchup, Dean, School of Pharmacy

Dana keeps a very pleasant attitude and has an amazing ability to organize activities and see them through to completion. She is well-known for her positive demeanor and her approachable nature. Students frequent to her desk to deliver paperwork and ask her opinion on matters related to organization fund-raising, etc. She embraces her roles and it is evident that she enjoys the satisfaction that comes with helping others.
~Mark Luer, Associate Dean, Professional & Student Affairs

I would like to thank Dr. Mark Luer and Dr. Gireesh Gupchup for nominating me. I have truly enjoyed working at the School of Pharmacy and feel fortunate to work with such a team-orientated staff, kind hearted faculty, and hard-working students on a daily basis. Thank you!
~Dana Dain

Congratulations, Dana!