AFSCME Local 2887
AFSCME Local 2887

Contract Negotiations Beginning

AFSCME Local 2887 will begin official negotiations on June 5, 2013.  Thank you to everyone who shared their recommendations and everyone who volunteered to serve on the pre-negotiations committee that was formed last year.

The negotiations committee consists of Vanessa King, Community Worker and Local Vice-President; Vicki Daggett, Office Administrator for University Park and Local Trustee; Anne Hunter, Office Support Specialist in Lovejoy Library and Local Secretary; Dana Dain, Office Support Specialist in School of Pharmacy and Local President; and Ed LaPorte, our AFSCME Council 31 representative.

The committee will share information regarding negotations as much as possible, but for specific discussion topics please visit our closed discussion forum (registration required).  If you have difficulty registering for the forum, please contact Anne Hunter.

Any updates that can be shared will be presented at the General Meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 13th at the Watershed Nature Center.  If you have not already done so, please RSVP to Dana Dain or via our Facebook event listing

Remember that the only way to get a strong contract is to have a strong Local.  If you are a fair share member and wish to strengthen our membership and have a vote on your contract, it is not too late.  Please contact Dana Dain at or call during your break or lunch period.

Staff Senate Notice of Election

University Staff Senate Members – Terms beginning September 1, 2013
-  Four members from the Negotiated and Prevailing Classification (which will have three year terms expiring in 2016).

-  Two members from the Open Range Classification (which will have three year terms expiring in 2016)

-  One Non-Represented member from the Professional Staff Classification (which will have three year terms expiring in 2016)

University Staff Senate Panel Members – Terms beginning September 1, 2013
-  Three members from Negotiated and Prevailing Classification (two year terms expiring in 2015)

-  Five members from the Civil Service Open Range Classification (two year terms expiring in 2015)

-  Three members from the Professional Staff Classification; 3 Represented (two year terms expiring in 2015)

Members will be elected by all non-academic employees from their own constituency groups.  Positions on the ballot will be in the same order of date and time as receipt of their acceptable petition.

Application for Candidacy:  Petition and Statement of Candidacy forms are available from the University Governance Office until 4:30 p.m. on June 14, 2013 or online at

Eligibility for Candidacy:  Candidates for membership to the Staff Senate must be a permanent, full-time Civil Service employee or a full-time Professional Staff employee on a continuing contract, with a minimum of two years of consecutive employment with the University at the time the candidate picks up the petition and the statement of Candidacy forms, and employed on the date of election.  Petitions must be filed in person in the University Governance Office.

Local Trustee Receives SIUE Employee of the Month Award

Sherie Gottlob, Office Support Associate at the School of Dental Medicine, is the recipient of the May Employee Recognition Award. Ms. Gottlob was nominated for the award by Dr. Poonam Jain, Director, Community Dentistry.
Ms. Sherie Gottlob has worked as the Administrative Assistant for the sections of Community Dentistry and Practice Management for over five years now. Ms.Gottlob is an extremely organized, dedicated, sincere and balanced individual. She is exceptionally reliable and once she sets her mind to a task, does not stop till it is completed and completed well. In spite of the numerous responsibilities Sherie has in her role, she is never overwhelmed. She has been a great asset to the Section of Community Dentistry. She is highly motivated, yet quiet and very calm. She is very well mannered and has a wonderful personality. Sherie displays: maturity, compassion, an eagerness to learn and always greets students, fellow workers and faculty with a smile.

Sherrie has helped organize the Community Dentistry activities that students participate in. She was instrumental in digitizing the feedback we seek from public school teachers and administrators of schools where our dental students make oral health presentations. Sherie has also helped obtain and organize feedback from our students on each Community Dentistry event they participate in. She assists me in searching for new, validated teaching tools for promoting oral health to various populations. These are just a few examples of the ways in which Ms.Gottlob has helped the section of Community Dentistry. Sherie routinely goes above and beyond her responsibilities to facilitate students in accomplishing Community Dentistry activities and in ensuring the smooth running of our programs.

~Dr. Poonam Jain

I would like to say a big Thank You to Dr. Poonam Jain for nominating me for this award honor. It is truly a great experience working for her and Dr. Keith Dickey in my sections of Community Dentistry and Practice Management at the School of Dental Medicine. In my job covering both sections I get to interact with all of our students and it’s great to work with them throughout their time spent here from first year dental students to graduating dentists! We have such a great working environment here I have been blessed with “landing” in our fantastic department!

~Sherie Gottlob

Please join us in congratulating Sherie Gottlob as the Employee of the Month.