AFSCME Local 2887

Call to Action: Ask Legislators to Override Gov. Rauner's Expected Veto of HB 580

Illinois has no budget because Gov. Rauner is holding the state hostage to his anti-worker agenda.  He's taking the same my-way-or-no-way approach with state employees, terminating our contract negotiations--which includes negotiations on health insurance coverage for state university employees--even though our union has made clear that we stand ready to continue negotiating.

Now Rauner says he'll veto HB 580, which would allow a neutral arbitrator to help reach a fair agreement for everyone without interrupting essential services.  He wants to impose his own harsh contract terms on state employees.

Legislators should override Gov. Rauner's soon-to-come veto of the fair arbitration bill, HB 580.  The Veto Override Motion could come before the House of Representatives as early as April 14.

Here's what you can do:
  • TODAY: Call 1-888-912-5959, the AFSCME toll-free hotline to be connected directly to your state representative.  You only need your zip code to be connected.
  • IN ONE WEEK: Write a personal note and send via US mail to your legislator.
  • IN TWO WEEKS: Send an email to your state representative and state senator.

HERE'S OUR MESSAGE: Governor Rauner is refusing to negotiate with state employees--and trying to impose huge health care cost increases on us.  I urge you to vote to override the governor's veto of HB 580 and help us achieve contract terms that are fair to all.

Health Insurance for FY 17 Information Meeting Scheduled

Local 2887 will be holding a special meeting on Wednesday, March 30 to provide information on the drastic changes the Governor is proposing to our health insurance premiums and coverage.  If he succeeds, all university employees will see significant increases to premium costs, co-pays, and deductibles.

This session will be held at 12pm in Lovejoy Library's thrid floor conference room (LB3021).  A representative from Council 31 will be presenting the information and answering questions. 

We plan to provide more sessions in the near future for those unable to attend on Wednesday.