AFSCME Local 2887
AFSCME Local 2887

Local By-Laws in Committee

Local 2887 formed a By-Laws Committee to draft a by-laws document and shepherd it through the approval process.  This is part of a long-term effort to provide the Local with every tool necessary to meet the needs of our members and to provide a road map for our future leadership.

We have a new body of officers every two years, and we need to be able to pass along our hard-earned wisdom in a way that makes our transitions seamless.

The organizational aspects of the Local need to be consistent and not dependent on who holds office but on what our governing strategy entails.  Please follow this link to see the Committee's draft.  It will remain in place as a draft through the next two General Meetings, then will be submitted for approval at the third, along with any approved amendments.

Thank you very much to the Committee: Linda Eilerman (Chair), Barb Jatcko, Janice Kolkovich, Lori Huntley, and Vicki Daggett (ex-officio). 

To make this clearer, here is what Robert's Rules newsletter published about by-laws.

ALERT - Watch Out for Mistakes by Private Benefit Administration Vendor
AFSCME Council 31 Bulletin

The Rauner Administration's zeal to privatize the administration of group health benefits via a hastily-implemented contract with a Canadian firm--Morneau Shepell--has resulted in a multitude of mistakes in the administration of the state's employee benefit program--often to the great detriment of the affected employees.

The program, once administered entirely by employees of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS), now has significant portions outsourced to a call center in Atlanta, Georgia.

A recent expose by the Associated Press reveals the state's high-priced ($84 million!) employee health care benefits 'portal' operated by Morneau Shepell as pretty much a mess.  (Click here to read the full story.)

Check your benefit status!  The CMS Benefit Choice period concluded on May 31.  Given all the problems that have arisen with Morneau Shepell, all employees should carefully review their benefit enrollment information and monitor paycheck deductions over the coming weeks to ensure they are enrolled correctly for the upcoming 2018 plan year which begins on July 1, regardless of whether they elected to make benefit changes in May.

If you experience any problems or have any questions, you can contact the MyBenefits Marketplace Service Center at (844) 251-1777.  In addition, contact Martha Merrill, Director of Research at Council 31, at (312) 641-6060 so that AFSCME can continue to monitor and help resolve issues arising from Morneau Shepell. 

AFSCME has a grievance awaiting arbitration due to the employer's failure to notify the union when this privatization scheme was implemented.


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